AI Factory

A weird dream.

Dreamt of being hired as a manager to operate a factory. What’s special about it is the shareholders are all artificial intelligent programs rather than humans, while the workers are humans rather than robots.

Things originally went well. The production ran as we planned. Workers did their job with enormous morale. We got along. We celebrated our accomplishments. Everything seems fine.

We’d been constantly pushing our limits for several months. Peak sales of this year had passed. Accordingly, I gave orders to decrease the workload, slowing down the production. That’s when things went wrong.

We were just working as usual one day when a bunch of armed robots broke in. They were carrying swords, rifles and even machine guns. Within a few minutes, they killed EVERY SINGLE worker in front of me. I was so stunned, wondering if they were gonna kill me next. Luckily they stopped. They just put the weapons away and stared at me as if I was the leader who gave them the order. I rushed out in a huge panic and eventually hid in a small hotel on the other side of the city.

A couple of days later. I heard a gentle knock on the door. It was another robot who claimed to be a representative of the board. She sat down, starting to calmly talk about the production plans for the next quarter, as if she knew nothing. The scene that day was still hounding me so much that I could barely hear a word. “Forget about the plans, we got no worker.” I said. She was like, “Yes, we do. Come back, you’ll see.”

I followed her back there. It’s shocking that every worker I know was there, staying at his own spot on the line. No blood, no dead body, no damaged facility. It was just like the first day I took over the factory!

In a great confusion, I continued my job there. Everything went well again, except for massacres regularly happening every quarter.

Pretty weird, huh?